How Allianz Is Transforming Using Tech

Recorded by Quantexa

With the right technology, insurance firms can maximize the value of data to drive better decisions. The key is to invest in platforms that can scale, enjoy rapid adoption, and demonstrate clear value. In a conversation with Quantexa CEO Vishal Marria, Andrea Pettinelli, CFO at Allianz Technology, discusses the challenges of adopting technology across the enterprise, and the role of data in customer-centricity.

Allianz Technology learns as it scales technology, and applies knowledge to future scale-outs so that disruption is minimal and value is quickly achieved. In the early stages, new solutions are part of the global insurer’s “investment portfolio”; once the value is assured, the solution becomes part of the Allianz services portfolio. 

Another consideration: adopting technology for local entities, an important part of the process for global leaders like Allianz. Standardization is Allianz’s tool for assuring smooth and rapid adoptions worldwide. The goal is to create an operating model that is harmonized with technology platforms and is supported by the company’s global IT department.

In this video, hear how Allianz Technology is achieving the following goals:

  • Using standardization to streamline technology adoption

  • Creating a consistent customer experience

  • Understanding the context for every customer

  • Transforming the business through governance