New technology preview: Turbocharging Decision Intelligence with Q Assist

Recorded by Quantexa

Quantexa has been driving AI innovation since its inception. It uses AI at the core of its Decision Intelligence Platform to help our customers unify data and create ‘context’ to make accurate and reliable decisions. Watch this preview of Quantexa's latest technology innovation, Q Assist. Q Assist is an AI-powered assistant that streamlines and enhances analyst-led investigations in Quantexa. Users can interact with Q Assist by asking it questions as part of their investigation process to identify and understand potential business risks and opportunities more efficiently and effectively. Q Assist uses the data and context presented in Quantexa to create a very large textual representation of an investigation making it queryable in natural language and thus easily accessible by analysts. Q Assist will transform how analysts identify potential risks and opportunities, enhance their investigation process, and summarize and share their findings in a consumable and usable format.