How Decision Intelligence Is Powering Agile and Proactive Risk Management in Government

Recorded by Quantexa

For government organizations, Quantexa’s Decision Intelligence (DI) Platform can be a powerful tool for enabling a proactive approach to risk management. And with the public sector a key target for a growing number of fraudsters and organized criminals, government organizations need to make the most of all available data to stop crimes that hurt citizens and taxpayers.

The Belgium Tax Authority, for example, has been working closely with Quantexa to transform how it uses data to investigate tax crimes like Value Added Tax (VAT) carousel fraud, a costly form of tax fraud where criminals collect VAT tax credits or refunds never actually paid.

Quantexa CEO Vishal Marria recently interviewed Yannic Hulot, General Advisor for the Belgium Tax Authority, to gain firsthand insight into how Quantexa’s DI platform is helping the tax authority to surface fraud and fight organized crime with greater speed and agility.

 In this video of their discussion, discover how the Belgian Tax Authority is:

  • Using Quantexa’s technology to take a more contextual approach to risk detection

  • Applying data from internal and external sources and applying it to projects in real-time

  • Adding significant value to its operations by generating insights that allow it to move against tax criminals before they can declare bankruptcy or move abroad

  • Improving its ability to share relevant, timely information about organized crime activity with neighboring countries and the European Union

  • Developing new risk analysis methods to enhance collaboration with intergovernmental entities such as the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)