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Discover new business with network-based prospecting

By enriching your CRM data with external information, Quantexa reveals hidden connections within your client network, enabling you to gain deeper customer insight, build richer relationships and uncover new revenue opportunities.

Using AI, our technology learns who your best customers are and leverages this intelligence to identify leads that are likely to buy and maximise upsell and cross-sell opportunities. With real-time network analytics, you empower your sales team to focus on the right prospects, at the right time, to ensure they hit their sales targets.

Enrich your data

Combine your CRM data with external information to create a richer, single view of your customers

Discover new business

Uncover hidden prospects within your data using network-based connections to your existing customers

Prioritise your leads

Automate your lead prioritisation based on target features and connection quality to ensure your sales team remain focused

The power of Customer Intelligence

Find new leads within seconds

Spend your time selling to new prospects instead of searching for them

Improve conversion rate

Enhance human expertise with AI-decisioning to target leads that are likely to buy

Maximise your ROI

Focus on the right leads. Quality leads mean less missed opportunities

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