Only 15-20% of global trade is financed. Regulators are focusing on this issue and it is causing huge disruption to Financial Institutions.

Trade-based money laundering is a complex problem that banks have currently struggled to control effectively.  Understanding the movement of goods brings complex challenges and is resulting in criminals exploiting the system to their advantage.

Quantexa has a trade solution which actively monitors both financed and non-financed trade in one platform.  This technology brings together and analyses the financial fund flows through the SWIFT messages and the physical delivery of the goods.

Our pragmatic approach to monitoring balances the availability of data with the risks to work with organisations and implement the red flags and scenarios.

Quantexa helps trade-based money laundering by giving:

  • A better understanding of the relationships between importer and exporters
  • A better understanding of the relationships between financed and non-financed trade
  • Efficiencies in completing investigations by embedding known risks and mitigating factors into the analytics
  • Greater agility to adapt to and detect new behaviours

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