Fraud for Thought

It’s time to enhance your strategy to prevent and detect insurance fraud across the enterprise.


Insurance fraud is a global issue

The global economy remains turbulent with financial pressures and uncertainty fueling a huge surge in fraudulent activity. The full scale of insurance fraud is unknown as much is underreported and undetected. The threat to insurers and their customers has accelerated the need to have the right resources, data and toolset to harden defenses.


Cost of losses from Insurance Fraud every year


Year over year growth in digital fraud

Save from fraud losses in as little as six months

Intelligence automated fraud detection can help insurers save from fraud losses without compromising on services or customer experience


Detect and prevent fraud across the enterprise

With Decision Intelligence and the right platform to enable it, insurers can connect and operationalize internal and external data to develop a richer and more comprehensive understanding of every applicant, customer, claimant, third party, supplier and risk across the insurance value chain. 

Make faster and more accurate decisions on:

Fraud investigations
Fraud investigations
Application and underwriting fraud
Application and underwriting fraud
Claims, billing and provider fraud
Claims, billing and provider fraud
Internal fraud
Internal fraud
Supply chain integrity
Supply chain integrity


Amplify the impact of counter-fraud operations with context

Holistic 360° view

Create a single view to understand more about customers, claimants, suppliers & other parties to make informed decisions to fight fraud.

Increase fraud detection

Better detection of fraud across the enterprise, from the point of application and throughout the customer lifecycle.

Enhanced customer experience

Generate accurate insights to accelerate decision-making and integrate with Straight-Through-Processing.

Accelerate investigations

Increase productivity across teams with reduced manual efforts of the triage and investigation processes.


What Quantexa has achieved


Reduction in investigation time


Reduction in false positives


Combined ratio reduction


Coverage across all product lines

Allianz saw an 18-30% improvement in our fraud-fighting performance driven by the implementation of Quantexa technology. They simply offer the best solution on the market for identifying new and emerging risks.
Global P&C Lead & Head of Claims at Allianz

Context is saving insurers 1-3% on their total claims spend through better fraud identification

Unlock the power of Decision Intelligence

Protect, optimize and grow your organization today.