Your data doesn’t reveal the bigger picture—yet

Decisions – manual or automated – can’t use all of your data

Variable quality, siloed data is difficult to join together to truly reflect real-world entities and their relationships. Teams have to manually assemble and analyze the data every time to see the full context.


Previous investments haven’t scaled

Single view solutions can’t handle data lake volumes, are often use case-specific, don’t provide the full network view of context and are hard to integrate, quickly becoming replicas of already siloed data.


Decision accuracy needs context

Analytical models without context are inaccurate, lack transparency and explainability, so operational decisions can’t be automated with confidence.

The data-decision gap

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Achieving Greater Business Value Through Data Using Decision Intelligence Based on Context

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Better decisions start with better context

Contextual Decision Intelligence (CDI) changes the way millions of decisions get made.


The more data you have, the more context you generate—no matter what state it’s in, where it lives, or if it’s in batches or streams.


CDI creates a single repository that scales across your business. It dynamically tailors connected views of your data to multiple use cases—without replicating data. You can be confident that models are operating with the full context to automate decisions. And where a model cannot finalize a decision, it can be referred to an operational user with the context available to support decision making.

Contextual Decision Intelligence

Change the way you make decisions

With CDI, you can:

Make millions of operational decisions more accurately.

Spot risks people would’ve otherwise missed with fewer false positives.

Identify better, high-value opportunities, faster.

Scale to tens of billions of records.

Overcome poor data quality and inaccurate decision models.

Reduce costs through improved efficiency and effectiveness.

Run a leaner, smarter operation, with more enhanced, real-time decisioning.

Adopt greater levels of automation with a transparent approach to AI.

Contextual Decision Intelligence turns data into a high-value, strategic asset

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The technology powering the platform

Dynamic entity resolution ingests internal and external data once and creates dynamic single views for all your use cases.


Network analytics and generation reveals connections between billions of records for enhanced decision making or presentation as a knowledge graph to your people.


And flexible and transparent analytical models – based on intuitive features and patterns that your experts can contribute to and recognize – give you the confidence to automate more decision-making.

Contextual Decision Intelligence Platform

Why use the Quantexa platform

Build Once, Use Many, Ingest to Create a Single View with Networks

Apply your data to multiple use cases—without replicating data sets.

Make Faster, More Accurate Decisions

Use context to improve decision accuracy across the organization, find new opportunities and uncover risk.

Scale to Billions of Records in Batch or Real-time

Built on proven, scalable open-source technologies like Hadoop, Spark and Elastic.

Future-proofed Open Architecture

Integrate seamlessly into your existing IT ecosystem, with flexible deployment options: native, or containerized for private and public cloud.

Ensure Data Transparency

Use explainable data linking, advanced AI and decision models for regulatory compliance.

Keep Data Secure

Rely on granular security levels for dynamic control, with all activity audited.

Speedy Time-to-value

Operationalize your data in a matter of months – not years.

Overcome Data
Quality Issues

Use entity resolution and data volume to overcome missing or poor quality data.

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The state of AI in financial services

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